Bridge ML Pipelines

How BridgeML Works?

At BridgeML we set out to simplify ML workflows. We saw that most ML companies were creating the same pipelines from scratch each time.

We create application-specific pipelines with the industry’s best tools that our customers already use. We then create “bridges” to connect these various tools and automate them.

We then provide sell these pipelines to multiple customers. We are able to keep the costs down as we can sell the same pipeline to multiple companies. The companies benefit as we are constantly upgrading and improving the pipelines based on our customer’s feedback. When a pipeline is upgraded, all our customers benefit from it.

Our customer’s benefits:

  • Read-to-use pipelines that they would have to spend thousands of dollars to develop
  • No need to hire additional ML engineers as we manage all the ML pipelines
  • Pipelines live in your account. We only own the automation code and the pipelines are deployed in your account.
  • When you cancel your pipelines will still work as they were before, they won’t get any new updates however.

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